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Staff Matters was established by Keren Ludski to cover the counselling needs of both employers and employees. Staff Matters aims at providing a range of counselling services to assist employers and employees work through both personal and work related issues. Keren Ludski, director of Staff Matters, has worked with a wide range of clients including small to medium businesses and government departments.

Staff Matters works for both employers and employees. Employees get the benefits of counselling for themselves and employers get happier, less stressed employees who are more likely to feel they can cope with works issues. This results in staff feeling better about themselves and their relationship with the organisation. Everyone wants to feel that their wellbeing is valued within their workplace. By offering workplace counselling you are showing that you, as an organisation care. This results in increased staff loyalty, motivation and productivity. By being proactive the organisation is able to  reduce workers’ compensation claims and absenteeism costs.Staff Matters offers one on one individual counselling, group seminars, trauma counselling and debriefing.