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The Australian Counselling Association describes Supervision as the process whereby a counsellor can speak to someone who is trained to identify any behavioural and/or psychological changes in the counsellor that could be due to an inability to cope with issues of one or more clients.

A supervisor is also responsible for challenging practices and informing supervisee’s of alternative theories and/or new practices, as well as changes in the industry.

The supervisor is responsible for observing the mental health of their supervisee in turn protecting the public from poor practices. Counsellors can face issues such as transference and burn out without any recognition of the symptoms.

Keren is fully qualified and ACA registered Supervisor and is passionate about working with counsellors to further develop their skillset.

Keren uses an integrative and collaborative framework, using a number of different models of supervision, including developmental models.

The supervision processes may include audio or videotapes, live observation, and case reporting.

Keren also facilitates regular group supervision.

Keren can provide feedback to her supervisees on:

  • ethical behaviour
  • counseling and client-relationship skills
  • verbal and written communication skills
  • awareness of legal parameters
  • personal awareness
  • ability to conceptualise a case
  • efficiency and personal organisation skills
  • ability to self-reflect and self-evaluate
  • awareness of own thoughts, feelings and reactions to a client and the counselling
  • All aspects of self care and stress management.


Supervisees will be encouraged to evaluate themselves, their supervisor, and the supervision process.

Open discussion will generate understanding or appropriate changes to suit the individuals involved.