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About me

Peace of Mind was established by Keren Ludski in 2002 and is based in Malvern, Victoria. Keren is a fully qualified and registered counsellor, trainer and supervisor. She is also a qualified Acceptance and Commitment Therapist  (ACT). Keren holds membership with the Australian Counselling Association and the Australasian Association of Supervisors.

Connecting with her clients, showing them that she cares, working together to develop coping strategies, sharing the burden of their journey with them is the simple philosophy behind Peace of Mind.

Keren's expertise as a Counsellor includes counselling across the following areas Grief and Loss, Death of children, Divorce, Marital and Relationship, Parenting Skills, dealing with life transitions, conflict resolution, self-esteem issues and stress management.
As a counsellor her experience spans both private, healthcare and corporate sectors.

Working in a confidential setting, Keren listens attentively to her clients and offers them the time; empathy and respect they need to express their own feelings and perhaps understand themselves from a different perspective. The aim is to reduce their confusion and enable them to make changes in their life if they decide to do so.

Keren is a qualified trainer, assessor and content developer offering training across the following domains:Grief and Loss, Delegation skills, Parenting skills, motivation skills, mentoring/coaching, communication skills, conflict resolution, assertiveness, time management, stress management and goal setting.
She has extensive training and assessing experience within the VET sector.

Keren Ludski approaches supervision from an integrative and collaborative framework, using a number of different models of supervision. Keren is continually aware of her concurrent responsibilities to her supervisee, to the clients in the supervisee’s care, and to the organization, which employs the supervisee. She also mentors clients in the development and growth of their businesses.

She will, in turn, be a teacher, a mentor, a co-therapist and an evaluator. 
In group supervision, Keren will also undertake the role of group facilitator.